The latest plans depart from the current permitted plan

So it seems that the area to be affected by the proposed jampot development has evolved. It has shrunk a little, which can’t bad no? One consequence is the “learning woods” proposal, which would have been wiped out now might be limited to a third of that which was initially proposed and permitted. The meadowland proposed would be limited to a narrow dog shit strip, though arguably something which Dunbar desperately needs, but perhaps not right here. The learning woods proposal would be reduced to the small play park, which Dunbar desperately … doesn’t need. What will the children learn? In the dog shit strip – hop skip and jump?

The eco friendly alternative, supported by the community woodland group, the official local development trust (which has a wide membership) and the people who care about this area, was to say no to more tarmac. Tarmac which Dunbar desperately doesn’t need, as it is losing greenspace at a greater rate than ever before. It could also forego yet another football pitch, which Dunbar desperately doesn’t need (there are plenty that go unused and haven’t seen an upgrade in decades).

Apart from anything else it would be a great deal easier to implement the eco friendly solution in these cash strapped times. Simply reconnecting the woodlands to those south of the concrete road, and encourage a more ecologically viable woodland to the north. Plausibly one could create the semblance of the former parkland look and feel, with the rides more or less where they are. You could even erect a pretty picket fence to discourage the occasional errant vehicle (the DPD and Prime delivery boys) from using the verge and introduce a proper low-tech passing place (after another feasibility study and consultation of course). And maybe maybe snake a safe path along the edge of the school (we need to get people to school I hear – but the south gate is open!), where a bit of supplementary lighting from the school grounds would damage the environment least.

I am not a skater, but this idea looks great to me, the kind of thing that would be perfectly situated next to a drive-through (as proposed for the Spott roundabout developments) where refreshments that people want are easily available or a convenience outlet or burger bar. But this in a quiet secluded spot in the middle of woods? With that lighting? Has someone … completely lost their mind?

And the pump track proposal seems suitably well specified (Ed. you mean it is green?).

When our researchers looked into such facilities, they discovered that in most cases they increase car-based travel and from a very wide radius.

They also increase Anti Social Behaviour, a problem that will come as no surprise is endemic in this neck of the woods … one needs to say no more.

We shall see where this goes …

By jampot

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