Is this legal?

There have been many concerns from the community about the works which began yesterday (John Muir’s birthday) at the woodland area used by Dunbar Primary School for outdoor education. It is understood from Planning that the work is related to the creation of an open space as part of the Planning consent for 20/00110/PM. It is understood that soil is to be stored in the area. Fencing is for safety reasons. It would be helpful to have more information about what is happening- timescale, scale of work etc The area is deer habitat. There are also concerns that it is bird nesting season.

The reply from Ellen Clark – TW East Scotland

As you said, we have started works to the open space as per our planning consent. We will be moving material from our main site, onto the open space area to form landscape bunds. I am not sure if you are aware of the ongoing discussions with ELC and Norman Hampshire, however we are transferring a larger amount of the open space land to ELC sooner to allow ELC to create more sporting facilities alongside the pitches. We will therefore be depositing some of the material onto the ELC land in a stockpile, rather than forming a bund. ELC will then use this material and incorporate into their landscaping.

We have erected heras fencing to ensure members of the public cannot access the area. Please see the below plan with the white lines showing the extent of the fencing. We will work between the hours of 9am-3pm. We will have a banksman on site during these hours to allow members of the public to use the path safely. We have made Dunbar Primary School aware of these works and they are content with the proposals to ensure a contact for the duration of the works.

For info, bund 3 on the above plan will not be formed as this is the land ELC are taking earlier and instead this material will be stockpiled for ELC.

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