Current Proposals

Detailed proposals

Western edge

Forest Trail

Forest trail and meadow

This is what a Forest Trail looks like

Not dissimilar from the underused ones that exist just a few hundred yards away. Kompan’s natural range is quite the opposite – unnatural.

Kick about pitch

This idea has been vaguely in the public domain since the summer, but the planning application has done little to reassure anyone that the proposers have any idea what they are doing.

There are 20 documents in the planning application: 24-00126-P – Pump track, skate park, basketball court, cafe building, changing rooms in the woods.

Twenty two documents are submitted in support of the application, but the most useful ones which would inform a decision are absent:

  • a feasibility study, outlining the costs and benefits of the proposals
  • an options appraisal (which alternative sites and facilities were explored?)
  • background and financial stability and governance of the proposing organisation/s, membership of said bodies
  • an ecological and environmental impact assessment
  • a hydrological survey
  • an archaeological survey
  • results of an independently run wider public engagement (a)
  • an assessment of the development in terms of current planning policy and heritage policies and NPF4 in particular
  • an assessment of how net biodiversity gain will be achieved
  • a carbon impact statement